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Hours: any hours 7 days a week, keep in mind we need daylight to perform the exterior inspection

Who should attend? We want you there! During a home inspection we want to guide you through the home as we perform our inspection. Any issue found should be seen and discussed first hand.

Please note; we discourage bringing along an entourage of family, friends and children. This can distract from the inspection.

How long does it take? A home inspection normally takes 2 to 3 hours.

    What Our Clients Say

    I could not have been happier with the quality of service that I received. The inspector conducted himself in a professional manner, was polite and paid very close attention to every detail. The price was more than fair and the report I received for the final inspection was very detailed, clear, and easy to understand and looked very professional. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection to consider this service

    Dan Roy

    Thanks so much for your very detailed report! It gives us a lot of confidence in signing off our conditions. Much appreciated!

    Aaron Ferguson

    We engaged the services of Northern Home Inspections to provide us with insight on a property in Elliot Lake. With the knowledge gained through Gary’s inspection we were able determine that the property was not in a condition that we were happy with and we were able to recind our offer. We then used Gary’s services for a property in Blind River and with the results of Gary’s inspection we were pleased to move forward with the purchase

    Thanks again Gary!

    Regards Doug and Jeannette Traynor