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Did you know currently in Ontario anyone can call themselves an Inspector regardless of education and accreditation.

Here at Northern Home Inspection we have over twenty years’ experience in residential construction and an extensive background in electrical technology. Using this as a starting point we completed the Carson Dunlop Ontario Home Inspection Training Program. This program is geared specifically for Ontario and is recognized by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). Following the completion of the educational requirements we enrolled in the Carson Dunlop Field Training Program. During this hands-on training period we performed home inspections under the supervision of experienced Home Inspectors. In the following years we acquired qualifications from CDW Engineering to perform commercial inspections and completed the requirements to become a WETT certified professional.

At Northern Home Inspection we are committed to ongoing education to stay current and at the top of our field.

For a full list see our Qualifications page.

What Our Clients Say

I could not have been happier with the quality of service that I received. The inspector conducted himself in a professional manner, was polite and paid very close attention to every detail. The price was more than fair and the report I received for the final inspection was very detailed, clear, and easy to understand and looked very professional. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection to consider this service

Dan Roy

Thanks so much for your very detailed report! It gives us a lot of confidence in signing off our conditions. Much appreciated!

Aaron Ferguson

We engaged the services of Northern Home Inspections to provide us with insight on a property in Elliot Lake. With the knowledge gained through Gary’s inspection we were able determine that the property was not in a condition that we were happy with and we were able to recind our offer. We then used Gary’s services for a property in Blind River and with the results of Gary’s inspection we were pleased to move forward with the purchase

Thanks again Gary!

Regards Doug and Jeannette Traynor